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If you ever wondered what’s so special about the Stake Monthly Bonus, you are about to find out. Even though it is one of the many available promotions, the monthly bonus attracts a lot of people. VIP players can get an impressive perk when playing, so this article will share more details about the reward. We will also learn how to get it, what Terms and Conditions to be aware of, and more.

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What is a Monthly Bonus?

The Stake Monthly Bonus is a unique proposal accessible to people who are a part of the VIP program. Like other monthly bonuses, this amount you can get will depend on your previous month’s activity. In other words, this promotion rewards players with a VIP rank and those who wager more money.

Interestingly, Stake’s monthly bonuses can come in two forms – a reload or a coupon. The first option allows you to claim the amount at regular intervals, meaning you get the complete amount in around five days. However, people who get a coupon will get the complete offer at once. Usually, coupons are given to higher-level VIP players, but it doesn’t matter because the amounts are the same.

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How does the Stake Monthly Bonus work?

As mentioned, the Stake Casino Monthly Bonus is a reward that you will get each month, depending on how much your last month’s wagering activity. The iGaming operator will analyze your gameplay and give a reward that corresponds to the above-mentioned criteria. Therefore, people who are more active and wager more money will receive a better reward.

Eligibility and Requirements for the Stake Monthly Bonus

Claiming bonuses at Stake is way easier than you think, especially regarding those related to the VIP rank. Besides the fact that you need to have an account, a very important thing is to be a VIP member. The Stake Monthly Bonus is only obtainable by people who reach at least Bronze, requiring you to wager a minimum of $10,000.

Once these criteria are met, the Stake Monthly Bonuses will be based on the amount used in the previous month. As a result, gamblers who wager more money will be eligible for a more substantial perk.

Stake montly bonus steps

How to Claim the Monthly Bonus on

To receive your Monthly Stake Bonus, follow these steps:

  1. First, open an account using the promo code GETSTAKE because the latter will give you access to the welcome offer.
  2. Second, you have to verify your email address.
  3. Third, make a deposit and place bets so you can join the VIP club.
  4. Fourth, watch your email or check for any notifications because this is where you’ll be informed about the Monthly Bonus Stake.
  5. Fifth, click on the specific link that you will find to claim your reward and follow the steps.
  6. Get bonus

Remember to check the rules regarding this offer. Regardless of your VIP level, this bonus will have specific requirements.

How Much is the Stake Monthly Bonus?

Once you get that Stake Monthly Bonus link, you will receive a specific amount based on different criteria. As mentioned, this promotion will give you a prize reward based on your VIP level and the amount of money used in the previous month. In other words, the amount you can get for a given month might be different from what you will get from the monthly rewards given out before that because it depends on your wagers.

Terms and Conditions

We’ve provided information about the important rules regarding the monthly bonus offers through the article. However, there are a few other rules that users need to keep in mind:

  • There’s no fixed Monthly Bonus date, but the prize should arrive around the 15th of each month.
  • You have to wait around 5 days to get the full reload bonus, whereas the coupon grants you the full amount.
  • Regardless of your Stake VIP program level, you will have around 5 days to use the reload offer and 30 days for the coupon link.

Stake Monthly Bonus Calculator

Although the Stake Monthly Bonus Date could change and surprise you, there is no need to be surprised by the amount you’ll get as well. Thanks to the calculator, you can check the reward that Stake can give you by providing the required information.

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Whether you like the reload bonuses, coupons, or something else, the Monthly Bonus from Stake is something that deserves more attention. There’s no need to do anything special to get this reward, so keen an eye on your email regularly to see iif you are one of the winners. Monthly Bonus FAQs

When is the Stake Monthly Bonus typically offered?

Although it could be a random date, you will usually receive this reward around the 15th of each month.

How does the Stake Monthly Bonus differ from other promotions?

This promotion is different because it can come in two variations. Moreover, it requires you to have a VIP status.

Do I need to opt-in to receive the Stake Monthly Bonus?

No, there’s no need to opt-in to receive the Monthly Bonus.

What types of rewards can I expect from the Stake Monthly Bonus?

You can expect to get a reload promotion or a coupon.

Are there any wagering requirements associated with the Stake Monthly Bonus?

No, you do not have any rollover conditions to worry about.

Is the Stake Monthly Bonus available to all players, or are there eligibility criteria?

No, you can only get this offer if you are a VIP player.

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