Stake Monthly Bonus

Unlike other betting sites with regular offers, the Stake monthly bonus makes this company special because it always offers something fresh. Luckily, this article will provide you with all the necessary information should you decide to put this operator’s promos to the test.

What is the Stake monthly bonus?

The Stake monthly bonus for March is a reward you can get every month simply by using the operator’s services. Unlike other promotions available all the time, these are sent once a month. What’s more, they are given at a random date, so you need to check the site and your email regularly.

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When is Stake monthly bonus available?

As mentioned, the Stake monthly bonus date is random, so you can receive it any time. The good news is that the operator will send notifications to those with verified emails. Speaking of the devil, the subsequent paragraph will show you how to get your bonus for March 2023.

Stake montly bonus steps

How to claim a monthly bonus on Stake?

To claim a monthly bonus on Stake, you should do the following:

  1. First, visit the website and complete the registration process. Remember to use the Stake bonus code GETSTAKE for the welcome promo.
  2. Second, you have to verify your email address. You can do that by checking your account’s settings.
  3. Third, you should subscribe to’s newsletter because this will allow you to receive notifications via email. This is the easiest way to check what’s the Stake bonus for January and the other months of the year.
  4. Get bonus

It probably goes without saying, but you should not breach any of the T&C if you want to receive the Stake casino monthly bonus for March. Players who haven’t received an email yet are ineligible to obtain a monthly bonus.

How much is the Stake monthly bonus?

Stake’s monthly bonus depends on your VIP level and the recent amount of money you’ve wagered. You should be active to receive a larger Stake monthly bonus amount, meaning you must use the crypto operator’s betting categories. Mind you this offer comes once a month only. Also, you must use it after the Stake welcome offer and its terms have been met. Usually, the monthly promo cannot bet combined with other bonuses.

As expected, active VIP users will receive a more impressive proposal than those yet to join Stake’s loyalty club. Once you start climbing the VIP ranks, your monthly Stakе bonuses will become even more appealing.

Remember that Reddit users claim that the bonus value changes monthly and is different for every player. Therefore, you may receive a better Stake monthly bonus in April than the one for March if you’ve been more active.

  • ~20K a month / 200K a month

What kind of Stake monthly bonus can I get?

Usually, the bonus comes in the form of a reload promotion or a coupon that will provide you with different perks. The Stake monthly bonus link in your email will allow you to use the coupon, but the reload bonus has to be activated. You can do that by going to the VIP section and searching for the reload tab. According to the bookie, you will get a coupon if you already got a monthly bonus from Stake for March. Monthly Bonus FAQs

Will my Stake monthly promo expire?

Yes, your Stake monthly promo will eventually expire, but you will have enough time to use it.

How much monthly rakeback on Stake can I get?

Stake’s monthly rakeback depends on a variety of factors, such as your VIP level.

Can I learn more about the Stake monthly bonuses from Twitter?

Yes, you could learn some information about the monthly rewards for March from Stake Twitter, but these details won’t help you obtain them.

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