Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

An user is free to share opinions and information about free bets, get reviews of bookmakers, check the match statistics, complete to be the most successful of all the tipsters on sports matches, search for tips and share opinions and information about sports matches. The reader can check for more details as regards pit services in our Terms and Conditions.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to intimate you about how we collect, use, consult or process the personal data we collect from you when you use This Privacy Policy is related to the processing of your information on Stakebonus, and never related to any other processing of data that may come up on any other platform.

2. Data Controller and Data Subjects

You may be compelled to reveal all manners of data about yourself when you use Stakebonus. Not all the data revealed can be considered as personal data, anyway. You will be referred to as a data subject when we process your data here. You have the right as stated in the EU Data Protection Law and this Privacy Policy. Our end users should bear in mind that we are responsible for deciding the means and purpose of data processing on Stakebonus. We are, therefore, the legal data controller as regards the personal data you provide on our platform. As the data controller, we have the obligation and freedom to process all your data; we are equally obligated by law to protect the personal data in line with the EU Data Protection Law regulations, especially the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as, this Privacy Policy.

3. Types of Data and Reason for Processing

We may have to process the different forms of personal data you submit on our platform so that we can maintain and secure the consistent functioning of Stakebonus, further develop our service, improve the experience of our end users and provide overall top services. Additional details regarding the various forms of data we process and the intention of data processing described below.

3.1. Identification data

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) – after creating an account with us at Stakebonus, we are compelled to process various data about you, like the ID assigned to you by our system, your display name, username, and email address. We can only process the data if you decide to get them added to your profile with us. In some instances, we may be compelled to request for your government issued ID; we may need a copy of this to verify your identity.

We have to process your PII to enable us to differentiate one end user of our platform from another. We use your email address to communicate with you about any change we might have effected in your account and our services; we also send you to push notifications and newsletters using via your email address.

You can decide to reveal or not to reveal your surname, first name, mobile phone number and so on. The details may be useful in personalising your account with us and improving how we communicate with you. If you are one of the winners of our competitions and there is a need to communicate with you about that. We will request for your first name, surname, your government-issued ID and your phone number; we will need the details for identity verification and transfer of your prize to you.

Electronic Identification data- After you have logged in to Stakebonus, we are compelled to process your device’s IP address, the version of your browser and the type of browser you are using, as well as, your device’s operating system. We will also process the time at which you logged in. ‘Social tokens’ will be generated if you log in to our platform through social networks. The ‘social token’ is a form of authentication data processed after you have logged in to Stakebonus.

We need to process your device’s IP address to enable easy communication between our server and your device. The IP address processing equally helps in determining your approximate geolocation. The detail can be sued to customise our services to you; for example, it provides the right content befitting your preferred language and specific gambling-related contents acceptable in your country. We may also apply your approximate location details to analytical purposes. You can check our Cookie Policy for additional details on how your data processed for analytical purposes. The processing of the details about your operating system and browser is essential since it ensures we can provide you with regular services. The data processed also helps us to solve any technical problem you may encounter while using our platform.

If you log in to Stakebonus using social networks, none of the details on your social network profiles and accounts are processed by our platform. We rather provide you with social network tokens, which is only used for authentication proposes and nothing more.

3.2 Specific financial data

Financial Identification data- We are compelled to process details about your Skrill or PayPal account only if you win any cash prize on our platform. The account details are added to your profile and will be used to send the prize money you have won to you.

3.3. Recordings

Images- You are expected to upload any profile picture of your choice to your account on our platform. You can decide to upload your picture or an avatar. We may decide to store the profile picture you have uploaded for the personalisation of your account profile.

3.4 Private habits and interests

Tips- We may need to display some of your data publicly when you are involved in certain interactions with our website. We are compelled to process certain information when you post tips, like the time and date of the tip. We also process the information about the event relating to the tip, your comments clarifying the tips and the tip language.

We equally create various statistics regarding the success of all your tipping activities on our platform. We also process data essential for carrying out the competition among our tipsters, like confirmation of the tipsters with the highest prediction success.

Information processed about tips on our platform is required for creating tips and also making such tips available to our end users and visitors at Stakebonus. The statistics generated regarding tipping success are required to ensure fairness and transparency of the competitions among our tipsters.

Preferences – We process the data about the tipsters on our platform and the details about your interests, like your preferred services and contents on Stakebonus. We can equally process the data you have provided on the ‘About Me’ page of your page on our website, some of which include your interests, details about your social network accounts and the description about yourself.

Details about your tipster and followers you are following can be accessed by all registered members on Stakebonus. We value the safety and transparency of our clients exceedingly. We, therefore, consider that each visitor, potential tipster and current tipsters on our platform should be allowed to assess the reliability and success of each of the tipsters on our platform. The tipsters are equally free to share knowledge with others on our platform.

We process the details about the interests of our visitors and tipsters to understand their personal preferences, and we may use the preferences for retail marketing. We may also use other marketing platforms, which we have explained in details in our Cookie Policy. If you do not like being subjected to automated decision making, like profile, you should please the ‘Rights to Object to the Processing of Your Data’ and the ‘Right Not to Be the Subject of Automated Decision Making’ subsections, which can found under the ‘Your Rights’ section; you can find that in this Privacy Policy for additional information.

4. Our Use of Cookies

Any browser that visits our website will get cookies from us. We use the cookies so that we can serve our clients with the best services possible. The use of cookies helps us to process standard internet log details and information on the various behavioural patterns of the visitors to our website. The cookies help us to provide contents from third parties, promote our products, analyse the behaviours of all our visitors while on our website and also improve the navigation on our website. You can visit our Cookie Policy to learn more about our cookies, how we use it and how you can opt out of receiving cookies.

5. How We Protect Your Data

We do not retain or collect your details longer than it is required as we have already discussed above. We use both organisational and technical measures in line with best industry practice; this is to ensure perfect security for your data to prevent issues like unlawful forms of processing, unauthorised use of the data, unauthorised access or disclosure, alteration, wrongful loss, accidental loss, theft, etc.

6. Your Rights

You have the right to some pieces of data about data processing and how you relate with them. The details include our contact details and identity as a company; it also includes the purposes or reasons for which we are processing your data, as well as the legal basis of such an action. We also provide our visitors with those who receive their data, especially if such recipients are residing in a different country. We also share other essential details towards providing transparent and fair processing of personal data to our clients.

6.1 Right of access

You, our reversed visitors and tipsters have the right to get a confirmation from us regarding whether or not we are processing your details or not. You can equally ask for unfettered access to your data.

6.2. Rights to Data Deletion

You can ask for the complete deletion of any part of your data or your full profile at any time. By keeping in mind the intention of data processing, you are entitled to complete your data if they not initially completed. You also have the right to ask us to delete your data in full. Use this link to request data deletion.

6.3 Rights to erasure (Right to be forgotten)

In certain circumstances, it is within your rights to ask us to remove your details from our database some of them are:

  • When we do not require the data anymore for its originally intended purpose.
  • Where you have already turned down your consent for your data processing, and there is no law enabling us to process such data.
  • Where you object to your data processing, and there is no law giving us the right to hold or use the information.
  • Where we have processed your data unlawfully.
  • Where we have to erase your data because such erasure is in line with a legal obligation.
  • We will be free from any obligation if such is not possible to comply with or if such removal is not in agreement with the available evidence.

6.4 Right to restrict processing

You can demand the restriction of data processing as regards your data in the circumstances highlighted below:

  • If the data’s accuracy is under contention, there may be a restriction in processing for the necessary period, which will permit us to verify the accuracy of your data.
  • If you request for restriction in place of erasure or the data processing is not lawful.
  • We do not require the data anymore for the originally intended purpose for which we collected, but such a data is still required for defending, exercising and establishing legal rights.
  • If you are opposed to the data processing while you await the verification on whether or not our lawful interests override your freedom and fundamental rights.

6.5 Rights to object to the processing of your data

You can oppose the processing of your data, as well as, profiling on the basis that relate to your peculiar situation. If you object to it, we will stop the processing of your data except if we show a legal ground that gives us the right to continue to process the data and this legitimate stand will automatically override your fundamental rights and freedoms. Or if preparing the data further is needed for the defence, exercise or establishment of legal claims.

6.6 Right not to be the subject of automated decision making

You can oppose the processing of your data for automated decision making. Including profiling, especially in cases in which such data processing will have legal impacts that concern you or have a noticeable effect on you. After you have legitimately objected to the data processing, we will not be able to process the data anymore for automated decision making. You equally have the sole right to ask for human intervention as regards the automated decision making about your data.

6.7 Right to data portability

Under some specific situations, you can obtain the personal data that you have originally provided on our website in a machine-readable, commonly used and structured format; that is, in digital form. You hold the right to ask for the data to be transmitted to someone else or another organisation and we will not hinder your request, provided it is feasible to carry out such a transmission.

6.8 Right to withdraw consent

We can only send you to push notifications, newsletters and emails that contain information about the latest offers from bookmakers and hottest tips from those we have a partnership with if you consent to it. You are free to cancel the consent anytime you feel like it, and you are not under any obligation to tell us why you cancel it. We will also not charge you for cancelling your consent.

Withdrawing your consent will not have any negative effect on the legal processing of your data as it obtains before the withdrawal. We will never be able to share offers, news, and tips with you after you have withdrawn your consent.

6.9 How to opt-out

If you want to opt out of our newsletter emails, you are expected to do the following:

  • Click on the link to unsubscribe that you can find located at the bottom of any of the emails you receive from us.
  • Navigate to the preference centre page and unsubscribe from there.
  • You can also open the settings page of your browser to turn off push notifications. You can check our website for helpful guidance on how you can opt-out of Web Push.

6.10 Right to lodge a complaint

If you think that your rights about your data have been violated, you hold the right to complain about it to the data protection authority in your locality. If you are from the EU member states, the right data protection authority you should complain to depend on the country where you live or the location where the violation took place. We domiciled in Bulgaria, and you can get in touch with the Bulgarian Data Protection Agency.

6.11 How to exercise your rights

If you want to ask any question about your personal data processing as we have already explained in this Privacy Policy, or if you desire to exercise your rights as we have already described above in the ‘Your Rights’ section, you should please email us at

7. Data Retention

We will continue to store your data in our database despite your decision to delete your account with us. We will not display your profile data publicly after you have deleted your account. However, any tipster that you have posted already on our website will remain accessible to all our site visitors; this is because it is part of our intellectual properties. We will, however, depersonalise the remaining tips; consequently, it is not possible to link any of your tips with your personal data.

If you want us to delete your data from our system, vitis this link:

8. Who Your Personal Data Can Shared With

We may decide to share any of your details with us with a third party, and we have categorised the third party as any of those below:

  • Any member of the Better Collective Group, which may include better Collective A/S and subsidiaries. You must take note that we determine the means and purpose of data processing and also decide the particular data processed by this third party.
  • People that help us to develop our services regularly by providing services related to the development, marketing, maintenance and analytics of our website. These individuals can process your data when necessary when they need such to perform certain duties. We hold the right to decide the means and purpose of processing the data; we equally decide the particular data be processed to carry out the tasks delegated to these individuals.
  • Law enforcement agencies and public authorities, and this happens if we are required by law to do so.

9. Transfer of Your Data to Third Countries

We may have to send your data to a region beyond the European Economic Area if such an action is necessary to ensure the regular provision of our services. We ensure that the personal data being transferred is given appropriate safeguards and adequate protection according to the data protection law and GDPR.

We may transfer your data to a destination considered to provide adequate data protection by the European Commission.

If we transfer your data to a recipient in the US, we always ensure that the data is sent according to the Privacy Shield mechanism.

Whenever we deem it necessary, we will always conclude data Protection Agreements with the recipients of your data. The agreements include the Standard Contractual Clauses from the European Commission that obligates the recipient of the data to implement the appropriate safeguards and also ensure adequate protection in line with data protection laws that are applicable, especially GDPR.

10. Endnotes

We may modify the Privacy Policy from time to time. Essential modifications relate to those ones affecting your state, obligations, and rights as regarding the processing and protection of your data. Examples of essential modifications are:

  • Processing your personal data for a new purpose
  • Development of new technologies
  • Launching of a new service
  • Etc

We will inform you about the new modifications whenever such is implemented. We will also give you the chance to review such changes before we make them official.

Minor modifications do not have any impact on your state, obligations, and rights regarding the protection of your data. Examples of this form of modification are:

  • Grammatical changes
  • Structural changes
  • Organizational changes