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Regarding the Stake Weekly Bonus, there is no arguing this is one of the website’s most interesting rewards. You can claim your weekly bonus fairly easily, as long as you know how it works. With that said, learning how much cash you can get is important, which is why this article will show you how to use the Sake Weekly Bonus Calculator because it will help you do the calculations much faster.

Using the Calculator – Step by Step

If you are interested in trying the calculator for your Weekly Bonus drop, you have to do the following things:

  1. Go to our website to find the calculator.
  2. Once you get there, you will need to enter your VIP rank. Keep in mind that the standard weekly bonuses are only available to people with a VIP level of Bronze or above.
  3. Second, you have to enter your wager for the last 7 days.
  4. Lastly, you have to select “Calculate“, and you will see the amount of your monthly bonus.

Once you know your Weekly Bonus Stake, you can decide whether you want to play something or pull out that money. Don’t forget that this is just one of the available promotions that doesn’t require a promo code.

What is the Stake Weekly Bonus Calculator

The Stake Weekly Bonus calculator is something that you can use to check the bonus amounts you can get if you want to use this perk. Some people prefer to calculate their Stake weekly boost independently, but it is more complicated. Moreover, the calculator does everything much faster, so you do not need to waste time trying to figure out the maximum bonus amount you can get.

Factors Affecting Weekly Bonus Calculations

Before you can Claim Weekly Bonus Stake and use the calculator, you must be aware of a few things that can affect your bonus. Of course, the most important one is the level of the loyalty program because higher-level VIP players will receive more money than the rest. The second key thing for this promotion is the amount you wagered. Needless to say, people who spend more money can expect to get more from the next weekly bonus.


If you want to decide to reveal the obtainable amount from the Stake Weekly Giveaway, definitely check out the calculator. You do not need any experience to use it because everything takes seconds. Knowing how much money you’ll get will allow you to have a better playing experience.

Here is the only Stake Weekly Bonus calculator you need. We will help you make an estimate of the weekly boost you are to expect as an active player on the platform. Your VIP weekly coupon will depend on your status level and the sum you have wagered in the last 7 days. The next weekly bonus drop on VIP will be on Saturday at 1:30 pm.


How to get the Stake weekly bonus every 7 days?

Only Bronze-level players are eligible for the weekly boost on Stake. Wager on the site (both winnings and losses count towards the bonus) and get a reward for your loyalty.

When can I get the next Stake weekly boost?

The weekly bonus is available every single week on Saturday (approximately at around 1:30 pm via a direct link here).

How to estimate the value of your weekly coupon?

Your weekly boost depends on the amount you have staked on the site in the last 7 days. There is a formula that adds up the percentage of your losses or winnings with your VIP level rank base bonus. You will get a little something extra if you have passed all levels of verification, including the Ivl2 check of ID.

What is the weekly bonus drop code to use on Stake?

All Telegram issues bonus drop codes have little to do with your Stake Casino weekly bonus. No promo code is needed for these VIP rewards.

What is the Stake Weekly Bonus Calculator?

The Stke Weekly Bonus Calculator is a tool that helps you check the amount you can get from this bonus.

Can I use the calculator to plan my future gambling activities on Stake?

Yes, you could do that, but several factors may have an effect on the Weekly Giveaway winners, so there could be some small differences in the amounts.