Stake Weekly Bonus

The Stake weekly bonus is just one of the available promotions you will find once you start using this gambling website. Gamblers are usually curious to learn how these bonuses on Stake work, so let’s share everything they must know about it.

What is the Stake weekly bonus?

The Stake weekly bonus is an exclusive promotion available every Saturday. Unlike most other propositions, this one is reserved for VIP clients. Interestingly, this bonus comes in the form of a weekly boost that will give you an amount of money based on your VIP rank and how much you’ve wagered in the last 7 days.

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Stake weekly giveaway

How to claim weekly bonus stake?

To claim your weekly Bonus from Stake, you should:

  1. Open an account (you can use the Stake casino promo code, valid and tested for March – GETSTAKE for the welcome bonus).
  2. Start wagering so you can become a part of the VIP club.
  3. Once that happens, you have to join the special Telegram group, where you will receive your Stake weekly bonus link.
  4. Press the link and follow the instructions.
  5. Get bonus

Keep in mind that the lowest VIP rank is Bronze, and you need to wager at least $10K to become a part of it. The highest VIP level is Diamond, which provides various other perks.

How much is stake weekly boost?

The Stake weekly boost amount depends on two things:

  • Your VIP level
  • The amount of money you’ve wagered during the last seven days
  • So it can be anywhere around ~5K a week or 50K+ a week, it all depends

Unsurprisingly, people with a higher VIP level and those who bet more money will receive a more substantial bonus. Some Stake Reddit users claim they’ve received $76 after wagering, so it all depends on how active you are.

Remember to check whether there is a Stake weekly bonus calculator to check your potential reward.

Lastly, here is a list of bonuses that you might get as part of the weekly bonus drop here.

Will my Stake weekly bonus expire?

It depends on the promotion itself, so read the Terms and Conditions. Generally speaking, most promotions are available for at least a few days. Nevertheless, there might be some exceptions, especially for the VIP Stake bonuses.

Where can I learn more about the weekly bonuses from Stake?

You can learn more about the weekly bonuses from Stake by visiting the operator’s website. Aside from the Stake community forum, you can also check Reddit, as well as the VIP Telegram group. Weekly Bonus FAQs

Can I get a substantial Stake bronze weekly bonus?

Yes, you can get a substantial weekly bonus from Stake even if your VIP level is Bronze. That said, you will have to wager more money.

Where can I check whether there is a Stake weekly giveaway?

To check whether there is a weekly giveaway from Stake, use the operator’s VIP group on Telegram.

When should I expect to get my Stake weekly bonus?

In most cases, you will get your Stake weekly bonus at 12:30 GMT on Saturday.

Am I eligible for this bonus if I am not a VIP Stake client?

No, this weekly bonus is only available to VIP clients who’ve joined the Telegram group.

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