Stake Giveaway: Complete Guide for 2024

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The Stake Giveaway is a recurring offer part of the promotions and drops in the crypto casino. The daily, weekly & monthly bonus raffles allow users to compete for a prize pool ranging from $700 to $100,000 in cash. Participate with or without a Stake bonus code as the races, events and special treats are open to anyone with an account.


Which Stake Giveaways Are Active Right Now?

There are 12 Stake casino giveaways active right now, including Stake vs. Eddie, Level Up and Conquer the Casino.

Below, you can find all the latest giveaways available at Stake casino:

GiveawayDetailsEnd Date
💰 Daily RacesPlay for $100,000 every 24 hoursActive
💰 Weekly Raffle$75K a week with Eddie announcing winners via livestreamActive
💰 Telegram ChallengesEngaging the crypto communityActive
💰 Slots Forum ChallengePlay game of the week to showcase skills and win prizesActive
💰 Conquer the Casino!$50,000 prize pool for playing latest gamesActive
💰 Chaos CollectorHit as many 100x multipliers as possible for $10K prize poolActive
💰 Stake vs EddieWin a share of the $30K weekly by defeating Eddie’s choiceActive
💰 Multiplier RaceShare of the $10k reward by hitting one of the biggest multipliersActive
💰 Casino ChallengesPlay at your own paceActive
💰 VIP Forum ChallengeThe Return of the King win $7000 for playing 3rd party video slotActive
💰 Drops & WinsCompete playing Pragmatic Play games to win prizes from the $250,000 poolActive
💰 Top Multiplier GiveawayWin a share of $20,000 (1st to 10th)Active

*All data source: will update the data here every week to keep you up to date so bookmark this page.

Wishing to become one of the winners? Then you need to pay attention to all ongoing raffles. Stake is one of the websites that offers great opportunities for people to win, but some deals are available for a short time only.

What is a Giveaway?

A giveaway is a reward program that a casino gives for free, which is often done for promotional purposes. In the case of Stake, the latter offers giveaways all the time as part of their retention program, People can participate by posting their usernames or contributing to the community’s activity.

Who Can Participate?

Players who want to be a part of the Stake 50K giveaway (10K, 100K, and so on) must have an account. Moreover, the account must be in good standing, and users must wager a specific sume, for instance at least $1000, in the given week.

Bear in mind that the player should not be an employee or a Stake partner to participate in the giveaway.

stake giveaway

How To Take Part in a Giveaway?

Taking part in the giveaway promotion is way easier than people think. If you are wondering what the steps are, here is how it works:

  1. First, you need to meet a minimum wager requirement. Wager 1000 USD to get one entry ticket for the Stake weekly giveaway, for example.
  2. Second, every ticket has a unique entry number, so you need to check it and watch the live stream to see the draw.
  3. Third, wait to see if your number will be drawn because this means you will win the prize. The latter is available in Bitcoin.
  4. There is no need for a code but you can use GETSTAKE if you are a new player and need to open an account.

To Giveaways


Terms & Conditions

Like other promotions, Stake’s freebies have specific rules gamblers must follow, so here are some of them:

  • The classic Giveaway Stake requires you to wager a minimum of $1000 to be eligible for a ticket for the competition. You have a higher chance to win a portion of the $75K reward by securing more tickets.
  • Other prize competitions will require you to hit the biggest multipliers.
  • The winner of a giveaway from the site could receive the prize in Bitcoin.

Stake Forum Giveaway – Who to Follow

If you are interested in the Stake forum giveaway, you will find competitions that offer you a great opportunity to win. Many competitions require entries, but some people on the forum are more important than others, so let’s learn more about them. Remember that the forum has different topics, some related to the giveaways mentioned earlier.

SanjaT & Hosted Giveaways

SanjaT is an important username on the forum that you should follow (*SanjaT profile). This person often posts about different bonuses, such as smaller forum competitions with different prize pools. By the looks of it, SanjaT also responds to people’s questions and complaints.

DjordjeI & Events

Unlike SanjaT, DjordjeI is responsible for announcing the Stake weekly giveaway winners, at least for some events, such as the Slot-Hunt.

NikolaRa & Socials, Stake vs Eddie, Level Up & Others

If you look for more details on the forum, you will see that NkolaRa is the Community Manager. As such, this person’s job is to announce competitions, keep track of who won, help users when they have a problem, and more.

Magicwee & General Giveaways

If you follow Magicwee, you will see that the person answers different questions about the Stake drake giveaway, monthly offers, and more. The person also often shares information about offers, such as the Return of the King.

How Do I Check the Stake Giveaway Winners?

All winners will be announced either by a post in the Stake Forum (look for the Giveaways Discussion panel and posts by the administrators, either Steve or Edward). Sometimes giveaway winners draw are streamed live on one of Eddie’s channels (Twitter or YouTube).

Read the Terms and Conditions of each raffle to learn more. Usually, Stake will draw the winners on the live stream, but it all depends on the offers. Sometimes, the freebie winners could get their reward automatically once they have the highest multiplier.

Participating in the Giveaways: Pros & Cons

Further reviews of the giveaways at Stake reveal that there are a lot of good as well as some bad things about them. We’ve tried to sum up both below so you can get a better idea of what you are getting yourself into.

  • Hits
  • You have the chance to win big prizes from the weekly boost and other promotions
  • The thrill of competing against other players
  • Some giveaways may only be available for a specific group of players
  • There are always active giveaways to choose from
  • Misses
  • Most giveaways require you to spend a considerable amount of money to be a part of them, meaning they may be suitable for high rollers
  • You need to be lucky to win because Stake needs to pick your entry number

I Didn’t Get Any Rewards. Why?

There are many reasons why you did not get a reward from the Stake giveaway. If we put luck aside, one of the common reasons is that you may have violated the rules. For example, besides requiring you to sign up, Stake also wants your account to be “clean” and not violate the Terms of Service.

Sometimes, you may not get a reward because you missed the promotion or failed to meet the requirements. Some giveaways end on a given date, whereas others require you to get a specific multiplier while playing a given table game or something else.

The Bottom Line: Make the Most of Stake Giveaway

To make the most out of the Stake giveaway promotions (tested and verified for April 2024), you need to have in depth knowledge about them. Learn more about the things you must do and what to avoid, and if you are lucky, you will become the next winner.


How do I claim my Stake giveaway reward?

It depends on the prize, but you could get it automatically, or you may need to contact the customer support team.

Are There Any Entry Requirements for the Giveaways at

Yes, different requirements exist, such as a minimum bet to get tickets. Remember to read the rules so you don’t miss out on something.

Which challenges and promotions are the best?

The challenges that have the highest prize pool are usually the best. However, people like different things, so they need to click on the link that will redirect them to the promo and learn more about it.

Do I need a code for a giveaway offer?

Usually, you will not need a code for the giveaway offer, regardless of whether you are a high roller or a regular player.

Do all Stake freebies require an entry ticket?

No entry ticket is needed just the occasional exclusive bonus code.